Walker: Chinese houses not for elections

The failure of government to distribute the Chinese houses is due primarily to two major problems being faced.

According to Minister of Housing, Lands and Community Development, Alleyne Walker, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration was unable to deliver the 361 houses that were provided by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) because the sewerage and water connections were not complete.

His comment on the issue came as he addressed a rally Sunday night of Congress held at Carlton Junction in St. Andrew’s.

Walker told the large gathering that the houses were not meant to be distributed by government in time for the upcoming General Elections of February 19.

“It was for you, the people of Grenada. (It will be distributed) when the government could complete it with the money that we have allocated to us,” he said.

A total of 153 houses are located at Soubise, St. Andrew’s, 180 at Mt. Gay, St. George’s, and an additional 20 houses Frequente, St. George’s.

The houses were officially handed over to the Government of Grenada last year by the PRC.

Walker said there are still another 640 houses to be built.

Lands have been identified at Pointzfield, St. Patrick’s, Diamond, St. Mark’s, Morne Delice, St. David’s, Dougladston, St. John’s, and at Dumfries, Carriacou for those houses.


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