Solar Systems to help improve water quality

Solar System installed at Concord

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) has enhanced its operation at a number of water treatment plants on the island namely Concord, Vendomme and Douglaston.

The Authority’s recently installed solar systems will enhance the capabilities of the plants to supply a safe, adequate and reliable water supply by ensuring a 24 hour supply of electricity.

The solar systems additionally will afford a more consistent chlorine injection system, as well as drive a 24-hour turbidity monitoring network thereby improving water quality.

The move away from reliance on manual chlorine system provides a direct and immediate benefit to consumers by way of improvement in water quality.

Manager of NAWASA’s Production and Quality Department, Allan Neptune says that in the past during the dry season because of low water flow, and with the absence of electricity on those plants, a manual chlorination system was used.

“With this installation, NAWASA can boast of seeing an overall improvement in water quality, benefiting consumers that the systems serve.” Neptune added.

The installation has been done at an approximate cost of EC $60,000 per installation.

Similar projects will be done for Les Avocat, Petite Etang and Mamma Cannes during the first quarter of 2013.


(The above was submitted by the National Water and Sewerage Authority)

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