Prime Minister Thomas facing three challengers

Three Candidates are trying to unseat Prime Minister Tillman Thomas in the February 19 poll for the St. Patrick’s East seat.

The Prime Minister who is the Political Leader of the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) will face off against Clifton Paul of the main opposition New National Party (NNP), as well as Winston Frederick of the People’s United Labour Party (PULP) and newcomer Valdon Paul of the National United Front (NUF).

Valdon Paul – challenging the Political Leader he once embraced

Frederick won the seat in the 1990 general election as a candidate of the Grenada United Labour Party (GULP) of late Prime Minister, Sir Eric Matthew Gairy.

He defeated all opponents including the Prime Minister but the seat was won in the 1995 and 1999 general elections by small businessman, Adrian “spaceman” Thomas on a NNP ticket.

PM Thomas first won the seat in 1984 and recaptured it in the last two elections – 2003 and 2004.

This would be his last election as the party’s constitution provides for the Prime Minister to only serve two consecutive terms in office.

The 4 Candidates for St. Patrick’s East are among 46 Candidates who were nominated last week Thursday ahead of the elections that take place within the next eleven days.

NDC and NNP are the only two political parties that have been able to put up a full slate of 15 Candidates.

From the NDC list of Candidates, there are nine newcomers, while the NNP has five first-timers.

Three other Political Parties have Candidates nominated for the elections – Grenada Renaissances Party (3), National United Front (3), and Movement of Independent Candidates (3).

Both the Good Ole Democracy, and the Grenada United Patriotic Movement have two Candidates each, while there is one from the People’s United Labour Party.

The list is complete by two independent Candidates – Raleigh Date (St. Andrew North-east) and Raphael Victor Baptiste (St. David’s)

See below for full list:


St. George South East


Clarence Gregory Bowen (NNP)

Abdurraheem A. Jones (MIC)

Ferron Curlan Lowe (NUF)

Randal Montgomery Robinson (NDC)


Carriacou and Petite Martinique


Randolph Harrison Fleary (NDC)

Clint John (MIC)

George Elvin Nimrod (NNP)


Town of St. George


Franka E. R. Alexis- Bernadine (NDC)

Standiford Simon (GOD)

Nickloas Steele (NNP)


St. George North West


Ali Anthony Brian Dowden (NDC)

Keith Claudius Mitchell (NNP)

Oswald Peter (GUPM)

Desmond Cuthbert Sandy (GRP)


St. George North East


Lawrence Amadé (MIC)

V. Nazim Burke (NDC)

Tobias Clement (NNP)

Martin Washington Edwards (GRP)

Oswald Roderick Mc Burnie (GUPM)


St. George South


Bernadette Merle Byer (NDC)

Alexandra Otway-Noel (NNP)

Gylnis Claudia B. Roberts (NUF)


St. Mark


Clarice Modeste-Curwen (NNP)

Denneth Matthew Modeste (NDC)


St. David


Raphael Victor Baptiste (Independent)

Oliver Thomas Joseph (NNP)

Justin Mc Burnie (GOD)

Adrian Augustine Thomas (NDC)


St. John


Alvin Martin Da Breo (NNP)

George A. Vincent (NDC)

Lyntoria Welch (GRP)


St. Patrick West


Joseph Andall (NDC)

Anthony Boatswain (NNP)


St. Patrick East


Winston Earle Frederick (PULP)

Clifton David Paul (NNP)

Valdon Crosley Paul (NUF)

Tillman Joseph Thomas (NDC)


St. Andrew North East


Roland Bhola (NNP)

Raleigh W. Date (Independent)

Terry Hillaire (NDC)


St. Andrew South East


Emmlin Pierre (NNP)

Patrick Simmon (NDC)

St. Andrew North West


Delma Thomas (NNP)

Alleyne Walker (NDC)


St. Andrew South West


Yolande Bain Horsford (NNP)

Sylvester Quarless (NDC)

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