NDC Big Four Stand Strong

Alleyne Walker – could be facing the electorate for the last time in St. Andrew North-west and wants to go out on a high

The four St. Andrew’s Candidates of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) are confident that they will be victorious at the polls on elections day, February 19.

The senior among them, Alleyne Walker said he is not frightened by his female opponent from the main opposition New National Part (NNP), Delma Thomas.

Addressing a Congress meeting in the “Big Parish, Walker said he has been hearing talk that the NNP Candidate is boasting that she will defeat him by five hundred votes but this is not possible.

“There is no way the NNP could win the St. Andrew North West Seat, said the Minister of Lands and Housing who has been engaged in frontline politics since 1984.

Walker who represented the people of St. Andrew North West on four occasions claimed that he has served his constituents well throughout the 28 years of his political career.

Patrick Simmons – facing the challenge of NNP’s Emmalin Pierre in St. Andrew South-east

In an apparent attempt to address concerns that constituents have not been seeing much of him in the last 5 years, he said the people do not just have to see him, but should be more concerned with what the government has been doing for them.

The St. Andrew South West Candidate, Sylvester Quarless said his constituency benefitted from 56 projects, which have translated into approximately $2m in the past four and a half years.

One of the projects was the delivery of safe drinking water around the pasture in Tuilleries, St. Andrew’s which is benefitting more than 40 persons.

“They (the NNP) were there for 13 years and they did nothing, but it took the NDC just over two years… to deliver the water for the people of Tuilleries,” Quarless said.

In addition, housing repair material have been delivered to 42 families, and the government has also built and delivered eight new houses in the constituency that is represented by Quarless.

The Member of Parliament for the St. Andrew South West Constituency said he has touched the lives of many people in more than 22 villages in many ways.

He disclosed that more than 520 persons are benefitting from the social safety net programmes that are being administered by the Ministry of Social Development of which he is the minister.

The total number of the people from St. Andrew’s receiving assistance from the social safety net programmes amounts to 1740 persons.

Sylvester Quarless – is confident of defending his throne against the NNP candidate in South-west

According to Quarless, 14 persons in St. Andrew South West benefitted from the energy for the poor programme.

“I did not come asking for a job, I came to you to do a job and I did it. I delivered,” he said.

Candidate for St. Andrew South East Patrick Simmons said that the records will show that in order to form the government, the constituencies in St. Andrew’s must be part of the dispensation.

He pointed out that the government has given the people of St. Andrew’s reasons why they must vote solidly in the next few days for the four NDC Candidates.

Simmons who is the Minister of Youth Empowerment and Sports said they have delivered on the Grenville Market Project, bus terminus, and the abattoir.

He disclosed that over thirty-five percent of the youth who are in the apprenticeship programme are from the Parish of St. Andrew’s.

Terry Hillaire – a first time runner who is confident of doing well in St. Andrew North-east

The St. Andrew South East Member of Parliament said his vision for the Parish is to develop its town to one, which would enhance its ambience for both residents and visitors.

The NDC newcomer to frontline politics, Terry Hillaire spoke of his vision for the Constituency of St. Andrew North East in light of the fact that thirteen percent of the people in the constituency are vulnerable, while only seven percent of the people are skilled.

He suggested that the community centres in the constituency can be used to train people who will be able to gain employment.

Hilllaire noted that bee-keeping which was a flourishing venture in the constituency has dwindled and cited the need for bee-keeping to be redeveloped as a means of bringing benefits to the people.

He also said that La Potrie and its environs can become a fishing village.

“The time has come for us to come from the slump we’re in St. Andrew’s North East and move into brighter light,” he said.

The St Andrew’s North East NDC Candidate indicated that he took the challenge to be a Candidate as a privilege to be a part of the leadership being offered to the country by Prime Minister and Political Leader, Tillman Thomas.

Hillaire said he believes that the remaining days in the election campaign will be rough and tough.

“That is why we have to stick together, that is why we have to make sure that each and everyone of us encourage everybody to support the NDC, to support the Leader of the NDC because he is the best Leader for Grenada,” he said.

Prime Minister Thomas told the people of St. Andrew’s that when they vote for the St. Andrew’s Candidates being put forward by Congress, they are a party and government that will represent their interest at all times.

Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke is confident that the four Candidates will be victorious at the polls.

“We go forward into this elections with the confidence that the people of St. Andrew’s would give these four seats to the National Democratic Congress,” Burke said.


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