Three new faces in the Town

Education Minister Franka Bernadine – confident of victory at the polls

Three newcomers to frontline politics have been duly nominated to contest the February 19 General Elections in the Town of St. George.

Education Minister Franka Bernadine who is representing the incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nickolas Steele of the main opposition New National Party (NNP), and Simon Charles Sandiford of Good Ole Democracy (GOD) submitted nomination papers last week Thursday at the Parliamentary Elections sub-office for the Town on Grenville Street.

The incumbent, Peter David who won the seat on an NDC Ticket for the past two elections, has decided against participating in the poll.

Bernadine who carried a National Flag throughout a motorcade that brought her to the Electoral Office told members of the media she is in for the “race” and intends to be at the front at the end on polling day.

With less than two weeks left before the elections, the NDC Candidate said a day would not pass without the struggle.

“We would continue to put our case to the people, and we ask that people look at the facts, not on the pettiness all around that is going on. Keep focused on the issues and what is best for our country of Grenada,” she said.

According to Bernadine, the support she has been receiving in the campaign has been a positive experience for her.

“I would say that ninety-eight percent of the people that I have met have been warm,” she said.

Former NDC Office Secretary Pauline Archibald – used as one of the witnesses for NNP’s Nickolas Steele on Nomination Day

The lone female Candidate in the Town of St. George made reference to a gift of a key that is used as a pendant for a chain that was given to her by a resident of the town who lives inside the River Road Housing Scheme.

“He (the donor) said it was the key to the Town of St. George, and it has the NDC Heart in the middle of it,” she remarked.

Bernadine said she hopes she can make a big difference in the lives of the people of the town “when the NDC gets into power on the 20th of February”.

Beaming with confidence that he would emerge the next Parliamentary Representative for the Town of St. George was NNP’s Steele who said he is humbled to have been nominated as the party’s Candidate for the assignment.

“I truly accept the nomination to represent the people of the Town of St. George, one in which I intend to take very seriously. I have taken it seriously up until now and I intend to continue to take it seriously to allow the Town of St. George to have fair and proper representative that would deliver to the people of the Town of St. George what it is they would like to see from their Representative,” he added.

Steele stated that if his party wins the elections his most important task is to satisfy the needs of the people and he identified them as creating jobs, taking care of the disenfranchised, and infrastructural development.

A small group of people, known to be associated with David was seen among the persons who came with Steele for his nomination.

Pauline Archibald, a pro-David supporter was one of the six persons used to sign the NNP Candidates’ nomination papers.

Prior to nomination day, there have been reports that a number of former NDC ministers who were expelled from the party last year are giving support to the opposition NNP.

Steele sought to evade the question of receiving support from David’s camp by saying, “we are receiving support from the people of the Town of St. George.”

He spoke of his campaign having changed as a result of the number of people who “were not traditionally NNP supporters” having joined them in the fight against Congress.

Steele admitted that he had been in dialogue with David, but stopped short of saying on what matters as he was hustled away from speaking to THE NEW TODAY by Freelance Journalist, Callistra Farrier.

“I have not heard Mr. David speak out against me and I take (that) as an endorsement of support from Mr. David,” he said.

The former MP for the town has publicly chided Bernardine, referring to her as one who took part in his expulsion as a member of Congress and for that he could not endorse or support her candidacy in the city.

The little known GOD Candidate of Park Lane, St. George’s sees the race as open to everyone and fancies that he has a good chance as any of the other two candidates.

Sandiford who was accompanied by his Political Leader, Justin McBurnie said his message to the people of the Town of St. George is for them to work together to build Grenada.

He described himself as someone who likes to see things go correctly for Grenadians.

“I am here for one purpose. I want Grenadians to know (how) to empower themselves and don’t depend on government,” he said.

The symbol for GOD is “Bread.”


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