Edvin Martin promoted to ACP

Edvin Martin – moves up to the position of ACP

Head of Operations in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF), Edvin Martin has been promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP).

ACP Martin was at the head of a group of Police Officers from senior ranks to Junior Officers who received promotions on Tuesday.

His promotion from the rank of Superintendent was not unexpected as he finished second behind Willan Thompson in the interviews conducted by the Public Service Commission (PSC) to find a successor for James Clarkson just over a year ago.

Among those getting promotions were three Superintendents of Police, two Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASP), five Inspectors, 14 Sergeants, and 26 Corporals.

The Head of the Special Branch, Vannie Curwen, Fire Chief, John Mitchell and Officer in Charge of South St. George Police Station, Rholda Bridgeman are now Acting Superintendents of Police.

Immigration Officer, Linda Francis and Solomon Stafford who is attached to the South Station have been promoted as ASP’s while Cadet Officers Andrea Cadet and Rebecca Jones have now moved up the rank to be Inspectors of Police.

Female Policewoman of the Year, Diane Dumont, and Female Police Prosecutor Vah Hercules are among the 14 persons who are now Sergeants of Police.

Among those who moved up the rank of Corporal of Police are Traffic Officers Kevon “Shab” Williams and Albert “38” Roberts, as well as Police Prosecutor, Terrence Andall.

Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson who presided over the promotion ceremony at the Special Services Unit (SSU) Compound made it clear that he did not handpick those who were promoted.

The island’s chief cop pointed out that when he took over as Commissioner last year, he indicated that there would be a process in which promotion would take place in keeping with the law.

“I am very happy to report that to the best of our abilities we went by the law,” he said.

The Police Commissioner noted that upon assuming duties as head of RGPF, he realised that there were things to correct within the administration including two gaping holes.

Commissioner Thompson congratulates Traffic Officers Kevon “Shabba” Williams and Albert “38” Roberts

One was the number of vacancies at a time when senior Officers were crying out for supervisors, and the other related to the number of persons serving in an acting capacity.

He recalled that those who were in acting positions were confirmed to the posts during Police Week last year.

According to Commissioner Thompson, when a Police Force could have as many as 40 vacancies at any one time, then there is no confidence in the men and women in uniform.

He admonished the Police Officers not to become complacent now that they have been promoted, but to be guided by service to the people.

“As you are elevated today, I want you to recommit yourself to the RGPF, to serve harder, to work harder, to be more disciplined, to be more focused so that there can be growth in the RGPF,” he said.

“You have to be polite, you have to be disciplined because, remember, you are no more significant and important than the ordinary man on the street,” he added.

Commissioner Thompson stressed that the RGPF’s professionalism has to grow, and that it behooves everyone to ensure that this happens all the time.


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