Michael Denis Lett

It is with deep sadness that I stand here today as we mourn the loss of a true Grenadian stalwart in the person of my brother and colleague, the Hon. Denis Michael Lett, now deceased, but never to be forgotten.

Today, we are not only here to pay our last respects to, and to mourn the loss of, this local hero, family man, community organiser and activist: a brother who rose to be a strong representative for the great parish of St. David in our Parliament; a hard worker who served our nation outstandingly as the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, by giving caring leadership in the agricultural sector, which has resulted in new resuscitation and ongoing sustainable development; and a statesman who has served ably as acting Prime Minister on multiple occasions over the last four and a half years.

Instead, we are also here to pay tribute and celebrate the legacy and contributions of a man who all the way to the end, remained dedicated to family, to church, to community and to state.

Denis Lett will always be remembered as a Grenadian stalwart who was a sincere servant of the people, who looked after the needs of all, regardless of party affiliation. As an MP, Denis Lett catered to the needs of all in his community, regardless of the party affiliation of those in need.

And as a Minister of Government, he guided policy and ensured the delivery of services to the benefit of all Grenadians. Ladies and gentlemen, we are today laying to rest a true statesman of the highest calibre. And so, it is on behalf of the Government and people of Grenada, I extend sympathies to the family and relatives of Denis Lett, his friends and those with whom he worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and in his earlier career as a Surveyor.

This illustrious son of St. David was greatly respected by farmers and everyone he came into contact with. Under his leadership we now have well thought-out policies to guide our way forward in Agriculture, we have seen a new thrust to sustainably develop agriculture and fisheries, with a strong emphasis on agri-business development.

Ladies and gentlemen, it was also under the leadership of the Hon. Denis Lett, that we saw


(1) the emergence of the farmers’ market project, which strengthened the link between the Tourism industry and the Agricultural sector, and also provided an avenue for farmers to market their produce directly to customers;


(2) the farm labour support program;


(3) the fertilizer assistance program;


(4) the enhanced nation-wide, access to farm machinery program; and much more.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is with sincerest respect and praise for a life well lived, that we mourn the loss and celebrate the contributions of the life of the Hon. Denis Michael Lett, a statesman extraordinaire.

May his soul rest in peace and may his legacy of committed service to family, community and state, continue to inspire all of us forever.


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