$2500 For Sex

A Morne Lounge, St. Andrew’s man is being investigated by the police for allegedly entering into a sex bargain with a 15-year old student in exchange for money.
A high level source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, the young lady who resides in St. George’s made arrangements with the 26-year old man to pay her $2,500.00 for some sex.
The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said that in the early hours of January 28, the young lady met the accused man at the Grenville Car Park in St. Andrew’s and they proceeded to Pearls Airstrip where the sexual encounter took place.
He reported that on completion of the sex act, the man refused to make the payment to the young lady, which angered her.
This newspaper understands that another person acting on behalf of the schoolgirl brought the matter to the attention of the lawmen.
The police are said to be looking at the possible charges that can be laid on the accused man because a 15-year old is barred by statute from giving sexual consent.

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