Nazim Burke: Investigations are still continuing

NDC Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke – everything I do can be checked

A senior member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has hinted that investigations into allegations of wrong doing by members of the former New National Party (NNP) Government of Dr. Keith Mitchell are still alive.

The NDC Deputy Political Leader Nazim Burke who was speaking at the formal opening ceremony of the NDC St. George North West Party Office said those who knew what they have done believe that “they are off the hook.”

“Let us remember that investigations are still continuing,” he remarked.

Burke said he is not into attacking anybody, but his business is to speak about his plans for the country.

For the first time the NDC Number Two Man reacted to allegations of him owning a number of houses.

Describing the allegations as mere “crap”, Burke said that everything he does can be verified.

“Everything I do can be checked and would be checked correctly. I have no fear,” he stated.

Opponents of the senior government minister have been accusing him of purchasing a multi-million dollar home of a leading businessman in the True Blue area of St. George’s.

The house has been put up for auction in the local newspapers by a local commercial bank.

When asked by this newspaper about the specific allegation, Burke brushed it aside as nothing but propaganda from “the other side” and that he would not be drawn into it.

Burke disclosed that at the age of 24 he purchased his first house and was always a positive person.

He said the NDC is not concerned about someone’s house, but are determined to go forward to represent the people of Grenada with honesty and decency.

Burke who served as Finance Minister for the past four years charged that those who are seeking to regain control of government do not have a genuine plan for the development of Grenada.

He said all that his political opponents really want is power and would do and say whatever they can just to get into office.


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