The Dutch Lady Milk promotion

Allan Bierzynski presents St Joseph’s Convent, St George with the winning trophy

St Joseph Convent, St George was the winner of the 2012 Dutch Lady Milk culinary competition that was organised by the local firm of Jonas Browne & Hubbards in connection with the maker of the milk, Friesland Campina Export of Holland.

Curriculum Development Officer in the Ministry of Education with responsibility for Home Economics, Pamela Courtney, disclosed that the school from the city will represent Grenada in the 2013 regional culinary competition.

The promotion had two components – an essay writing competition and a culinary competition for Food and Nutrition students preparing for CXC examination.

Students in primary and secondary school were required to submit handwritten essays on the topic: “Why should milk be part of the daily diet?”

The student who placed first in the primary school essay writing was Glenon Alexander of the St Andrew’s Methodist and he received a lap top, trophy along with a certificate of participation.

Second was Kenroy Gilbert of Berean Christian Academy, third was Keanna Julien of The Meridian School and fourth was Nishorn Pierre.

Those placing second to fourth received a trophy and vouchers valued at EC$500, $300 and $100 respectively.

The winner in the secondary schools entries was Cherise Blache who received a laptop, trophy and certificate of participation.

Second was Othniel Simon of the Presentation Brothers College, third and fourth were Kelon Gurrie and Adonna Mitchell of the St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School.

The prizes for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th were vouchers, trophy and certificate of participation.

Managing Director of Hubbard’s, Allan Bierzynski, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome and impact of activities undertaken during the 2012 Dutch Lady Milk promotion as it gave students an opportunity to learn about a healthy product.

“I am sure that all of you are now more educated about milk and its many healthy benefits,” he said during a ceremony held last Saturday to close the promotion, which began in October 2012.

Manager of Hubbard’s Agency, Margaret Roberts said that compared to 2011 there were more entries in the 2012 essay competition.

“The essay competition was seen as an activity which would assist students in learning more about the importance of milk to their growth and development, build their knowledge in nutrition and enhance their writing skills”, she remarked.

“The increase student’s participation saw over 60% of the entries from schools and students in St. Andrew and St. Mark,” said Roberts who used the opportunity to express her disappointed with the level of participation from the other parishes.

The culinary competition, which was judged, by Russ Fielden, Alison Parke and Rhona Sylvester was won by St Joseph Convent St George and the grand prize was a Consul Cooker.

Second was Boca Secondary, third was MacDonald College and fourth was St Joseph’s Convent Grenville.

The other participating schools were St Andrew’s Anglican Secondary, St Rose Modern Secondary and Grenada Seventh Day Adventist Comprehensive.

All participating schools received Kitchen products for the Home Economics Department.

SAASS was awarded a special trophy as the school with the most entries while Isra Douglas was recognised for her great penmanship as received the trophy for “most legible handwriting.”


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