Clouden pleads for High Court trials in Carriacou

Seasoned Criminal Attorney, Anselm Clouden has called sittings of the High Court to take place on the sister island of Carriacou.

Clouden who is a native of Carriacou made the call during a special sitting of the court that was held to bid farewell to Madam Justice Clare Henry last week Monday.

According to the outspoken attorney-at-law, due to the absence of a Supreme Court in Carriacou, the people there face major difficulties.

Clouden who operates Grenlaw Chambers on Church Street, St George’s said that in order for the people of Carriacou and Petite Martinique to have access to justice, they have to brave the seas at great costs and great inconvenience to attend to matters on the mainland.

He credited Madam Justice Margaret Price-Findlay who conducted a trial in Carriacou.

This, he said was done in recognition of the “older litigants” who, as a result of age and infirmity, could have hardly traveled to the mainland in their quest for justice before the law courts.


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