Candidates prepare for General Elections

Joseph Andall – entered the political race

Grenadians will, from today (Friday February 1) know how many candidates have been nominated to contest the February 19 poll for seats in the 15-seat legislature.

The incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the main opposition New National Party (NNP) are the only two political parties that are expected to field a full slate of 15 candidates for the poll.

However, none of the parties have released their manifestos that would outline the plans they have for the development of the country over the next five years.

At the various public meetings both the NDC and the NNP have been sharing with their supporters their developmental plans for Grenada.

The NDC continues to promote the five transformational pillars on which it would build the economy, while the NNP has been speaking of a “new economy.”

Merle Byer – trying to retain the South for NDC

The National United Front (NUF), the People’s United Labour Party (PULP), the Movement of Independent Candidates (MIC) and the Grenada United Patriotic Movement (GUPM) are the other parties that are most likely to put up a few candidates to contest the elections.

A total of sixty-two thousand one hundred and fifty persons have been registered to participate in the elections to be held under a new voter’s registration list.

Alexandra Otway – the NNP choice in the South

Word coming out from the Parliamentary Elections Office is that the 2008 list was terribly inflated, and now that it has been purged as a result of the enumeration that took place, the office is satisfied that it is a now a genuine list.

The general public had the opportunity to scrutinise the list, and were given seven days, which ended on Tuesday to file claims and objections to the list with the Electoral Office.

The candidates that are expected to face the electorate for the two major political parties are:


Town of St. George


Franka Bernadine (NDC)

Nicholas Steele (NNP)


St. George North-west


Ali Dowden (NDC)

Dr. Keith Mitchell (NNP)


St. George North-east


Nazim Burke (NDC)

Tobias Clement (NNP)


St. George South-east


Randal Robinson (NDC)

Gregory Bowen (NNP)


South St. George


Merle Byer (NDC)

Alexandria Otway-Noel (NNP)


St. David’s


Adrian Thomas (NDC)

Oliver Joseph (NNP)


St. Andrew South-east


Patrick Simmons (NDC)

Emmalin Pierre (NNP)


St. Andrew South-west


Sylvester Quarless (NDC)

Yolande Bain-Horsford (NNP)


St. Andrew North-west


Alleyne Walker (NDC)

Delma Charles-Thomas (NNP)


St. Andrew North-east


Terry Hillaire (NDC)

Roland Bhola (NNP)


St. Patrick East


Tillman Thomas (NDC)

Clifton Paul (NNP)


St. Patrick West


Joseph Andall (NDC)

Anthony Boatswain (NNP)


St. Mark


Denneth Modeste (NDC)

Dr. Clarice Curwen-Modeste (NNP)


St. John


Dr. George Vincent (NDC)

Alvin Da Breo (NNP)


Carriacou & Petite Martinique


Harrison Fleary (NDC)

Elvin Nimrod (NNP)

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