Alie Dowden: Put away colours

Some of the residents of Happy Hill who attempted to disturb the meeting

One of the new members of the Team of Candidates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Alie Dowden has cautioned people against engaging in conflict and confusion for politicians.

Dowden’s comments came against an attempt made by some residents of Happy Hill, St. George’s believed to be associated with the main opposition, New National Party (NNP) to disturb a public meeting that was held to launch his candidacy for the St. George North West Constituency.

The rookie politician has accepted the challenge to contest the seat that has been held by Opposition Leader, Dr. Keith Mitchell for the past 28 years.

Amidst the disturbances by the Happy Hill residents, Dowden said the time has come “for us to be a mature people.”

“No matter whether a constituency has been in one person’s hands for 28 years, we must not cause confusion. We are Grenadians, we need to look beyond the colour, and that is what I bring for you,” he told the gathering.

Dowden admonished the NNP supporters to put away colours and focus on the bigger picture, which is the building of Grenada.

He said he sees a political party as an instrument from which he can champion the cause for the people of St. George North West and Grenada as a whole.

The NDC candidate called upon the people of the constituency to give him their support to become their new Member of Parliament as a birthday gift. Dowden celebrates his 21st birthday on February 19.

“I am asking that you make me your servant-leader,” he said.

He promised that he would bring to them people-centered development.

Dowden said that as he takes his campaign throughout the constituency he has not been asking people which party they support. In order to woo them to his camp.

“I do not care if you support green, or whether you support yellow. What I care about is you, the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, and what I want to do is serve you in the best way I know how,” he added.

In taking a shot at former Prime Minister Mitchell, Dowden said although his opponent provided infrastructural development for the constituency, he placed the people in a dependency syndrome.

He claimed that on Saturdays residents of the constituency had to collect $50.00 in an envelope.

“I say that is buying our votes. I will not give you $50.00 in an envelope. What I will do is work along with you. I will teach you how to fish so that you can fish on your own, and that you can support your family,” he said.

“I have no doubt in my mind that the people of North West are ready for real change, real change,” he added.


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