Guyanese Man facing numerous charges

Glen Worme and Kerron Browne – accused of conducting a number of stealing offenses

A Guyanese man is among two persons who have been apprehended by police in connection with a string of robberies in several villages in St. George’s South-east from last year.

Kerron Aaron Brown alias “GT” who has been residing in Grenada for about eight years is jointly charged with Glen Worme of Morne Jaloux, St. George’s with ten criminal offences ranging from housebreaking, housebreaking and stealing, stealing from a dwelling house and stealing.

One of the affected persons is veteran ole mas player, Evelyn Mark who was robbed on three occasions by the suspects.

Browne is accused of stealing from the 73-year Mark articles valued at $1,445.00 since last April, articles valued at $19,150.00 in the month of September, and also articles valued at $6,250.00 on October 10.

The Guyanese is also accused of stealing articles valued at $1,800.00 from a home at Morne Jaloux, St. George’s last November.

In another instance, Brown and Worme are accused of house breaking and stealing articles valued at $4,800.00 from a resident of Calivigny, St. George’s earlier this month

The unemployed Worme is also accused of stealing a laptop computer, valued at $2,500.00, from inside a motor vehicle in November.

Police Prosecutor Terrence Andall who objected to bail being granted to the accused men who appeared in court on Thursday cited the number of charges laid on them.

Constable Andall said the charges are so great and it appears that the defendants were on a stealing spree.

Beverly “Sweets” Worme being restrained from assaulting Informer’s Johnson Richardson

The presiding Magistrate, Karen Noel remanded the suspects to the Richmond Hill Prisons until February 5 when they are due to re-appear for the start of the Preliminary Inquiry into the charges.

During their appearance, the mother of one of the accused, Beverly Worme attempted to prevent Court Reporters from photographing her son.

The mother had to be restrained by Police Constable Kenneth Cummings from striking one reporter.


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