Ex-ministers not contesting

Joseph Gilbert – not in the race to seek re-election

Three of the five former government ministers under the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government will not be contesting the February 19 General Election.

The trio are – Peter David (Foreign Affairs), Joseph Gilbert (Foreign Trade & The Environment) and Karl Hood (Labour).

David was seen as the leader of a fraction of Congress that was seeking to capture the hierarchy of the party from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

The Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George along with nine others were expelled from Congress in September as the party tried to rebuild its image for the upcoming general election.

The former Foreign Affairs Minister made his pronouncement earlier this week stating that he will not be contesting the elections, but made it clear that it is not an end to his political career.

David, who returned to his career as an Attorney-at-Law since his resignation from the Cabinet last year leaves the Town of St George Constituency up for grabs involving a fight between two newcomers to electoral politics.

The ND will be fielding Franka Alexis-Bernadine who presently holds the portfolio of Education Minister while the New National Party (NNP) will attempt to win the seat through Businessman, Nicholas Steele.

According to David, inadequate timing to engage in active campaigning was the main reason for him not contesting the election.

Peter David – declared that he is not contesting the General Elections

When he quit the Thomas Cabinet last year, David announced at a public meeting at the St. George’s Anglican School on Church Street that he would definitely be contesting the election but could not state at the time on which ticket.

On Tuesday, Gilbert confirmed to The New Today newspaper that he is not prepared to contest the upcoming election due to insufficient time.

Like David, he indicated too that this was not an end to his political career.

The Cuban-trained Engineer has reportedly been spotted in the St. Patrick area in recent times in the company of several NNP political activists.

Hood had indicated since his resignation from the Cabinet in May that he has no intention to remain in frontline politics.

“I have decided when this term is over, I will not be running for office,” he told this newspaper.

Michael Church, the former Foreign Trade & Energy minister who resigned from the Cabinet in 2010 after being demoted following a trip he took to Geneva with NNP’s Trade Advisor, Dr Patrick Antoine unknown to the Cabinet, made it clear that he will contest the upcoming general elections but did not indicate if he will join another party or contest as an independent candidate.

When telephoned on Tuesday to confirm his candidacy for the February 19 poll, Church told The New Today that he will not give this paper a story and wants nothing to do with it since numerous negative stories were published in its pages against him.

Former Labour Minister Glynis Roberts who resigned from the Cabinet last year and was her subsequently expelled as a member of Congress is now charting a new political career under the banner of the newly National United Front (NUF).

Identified as the Interim President of the party, Roberts along with Attorney-at-Law, Ferron Lowe have announced that the party will contest the 2013 General Election by fielding a limited number of candidates.

NUF is due to hold its first convention on Sunday at the Calliste Government to elect its Executive.

Roberts will seek to hold onto her St George South constituency in a battle against the new NDC candidate, Businesswomen Merle Byer and NNP candidate, Alexandra Otway-Noel.


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