Adjournment in the Clyde Greenidge Beheaded Murder Trial

Steve Gurrie – has to wait longer for his trial

The long awaited trial of Steve Gurrie who allegedly beheaded two men with whom he had socialised with has been abruptly adjourned without a shred of evidence being heard.

The 15-member jury panel that was selected for the Clyde Greenidge murder trial was dismissed last week Wednesday by Madam Justice, Margaret Price-Findlay.

Without giving details, Justice Price-Findlay said as a result of certain issues that were brought to her attention, she took the decision to discharge the jury.

However, investigations carried out by THE NEW TODAY Newspaper revealed that the defense counsel, Ruggles Ferguson had served notice that he was bringing some preliminary constitutional legal issues before the court.

A high level source who spoke on condition of not being identified said that one of the legal issues relates to the non-availability in Grenada of the diminish responsibility as a defense.

The source indicated that because diminish responsibility is not a legal defense in the local jurisdiction, the defense is arguing that it affects Gurrie’s ability to get a fair trial.

The source explained that in order to find someone guilty of murder two things have to be established – actusrues, which is the act itself, and the mensrea.

According to the source, the act of the accused that caused the death of Clyde Greenidge, a Farmer/Proprietor of Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s, and Christopher Stafford, a Labourer of Byelands, St. Andrew’s on May 3, 2010 at Balthazar, St. Andrew’s is not an issue.

However, the issue for the defense is more the mental element of Gurrie at the time of the incident.

The outcome of the arguments on these preliminary legal issues would determine the start of the trial.

Gurrie is accused of using a cutlass to behead the two men and then taking the heads to the Grenville Police Station.

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