NUF to register new Symbol

The newly launched National United Front (NUF) is in the process of releasing its symbol after failing to obtain use of “The Rising Sun” that is owned by former Opposition leader, Michael Baptiste.

NUF, which was launched on November 27, 2012, only learnt that the symbol was already taken when they went to register the party at the Electoral Office.

One of the Organisers, attorney-at-law, Ferron Lowe who addressed the media at his law chambers on H. A. Blaze Street in St. George’s last week Wednesday refrained from revealing the new Symbol although it has been finalized.

According to Lowe, NUF is waiting on the final affirmation from the Electoral Office before making any pronouncement on this issue.

Lowe announced that NUF will be contesting the General Elections that are constitutionally due this year but might not be fielding a full slate of candidates.

According to him, so far the interim leader, former Labour Minister, Glynis Roberts who is currently the Parliamentary Representative for South St. George, and himself will be presented shortly as NUF Candidates.

Lowe has his eyes set on contesting the St. George South East Constituency that is currently held by Pastor Karl Hood who once served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government.

He stated that the intention of NUF is not primarily to win the upcoming general elections, but to sow the seed for generations to come.

“We do not intend to just have somebody running for running sake,” he quipped, adding, “we’re not going to be going on any platform and dehumanise any other human being just to make ourselves look good… Our focus will be on issues, issues and issues”.

Of the ten persons expelled by Congress in September 2012, only Roberts is believed to be actively involved in the formation of the new party.

The others – Peter David, Chester Humphrey, Siddiqui Sylvester, Karl Hood, Arley Gill, Pastor Stanford Simon, Joseph Gilbert and Michael Church – have made no public comments on their association with the new political party.

Although not calling names, Lowe conceded that the expectations that certain other individuals who should have been involved, there is no gravitation taking place by thesepeople towards NUF.

However, when asked specifically if NUF was in dialogue with former Government Ministers Peter David and Arley Gill, he said there are no current discussions with these men at the moment with regards to them being part of the political party.

“We have no dialogue as far as I know… going on about any kind of arrangement or the sort,” he remarked.

The NUF Organiser acknowledged that people do not readily gravitate to new organisations.

“Our focus is on building an organisation that is going to be sustainable, and that would reflect the kind of politics that we think that we are missing out on which continue to lead to our underdevelopment,” he said.

Should NUF be successful at the polls in some constituencies but not able to form the government, Lowe said the party would have discussions with anybody in terms of formation of a government.

NUF has scheduled its first convention for January 20 to elect officers for the party.

The convention takes place at the Calliste Government School.

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