Grenada welcomes new high court judge

Justice Rajiv Persad – to serve as a High Court Judge in Grenada

The law fraternity is preparing to welcome to the local jurisdiction a new judge as they bid farewell to senior High Court Judge, Antiguan-born Clare Henry on January 21.

Justice Rajiv Persad who is from the Twin-Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is due to take up duties at High Court Number Two as her replacement.

Legal luminaries on the island have described Justice Persad who was among the team of lawyers involved in re-sentencing trial of the Grenada 17 as being “a very good, thorough and humble attorney,” and someone who is well learned.

Before his appointment as a High Court Judge for the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Justice Persad acted as a judge in his homeland.

Former President of the Grenada Bar Association (GBA) Ruggles Ferguson spoke of Justice Persad as being a very hard working, disciplined and committed practitioner who is passionate about the law.

Ferguson said the newly appointed judge has experience in several high profile cases in Trinidad and Tobago.

The former GBA President who interacted with Justice Henry over the years described her as being a very committed worker, very disciplined and has a good judicial disposition.

Justice Clare Henry – left an indelible mark in the local jurisdiction

Stating that she has served Grenada well in her tenure, Ferguson said that during her time in the local jurisdiction lasting just over five years, Justice Henry has worked well with the Bar and other stakeholders in the legal system.

Ferguson indicated that apart from her work on the Bench, Justice Henry chaired the Bench/Bar Committee, which was formed in 2008.

“She (did) a great job with the Bench/Bar Committee,” he remarked.

Attorney Derick Sylvester who also chimed in on showering praises on Justice Henry, said he legally grew up through the female high court judge.

According to Sylvester, Justice Henry would have taken him from one position of his career to another position through the numerous civil and criminal matters from which he appeared before her.

“I have benefitted from her rulings. She has always displayed a pious calm, and always listened to both sides. Even on occasions when she disagreed with you, she did so respectfully,” he said.

Sylvester described the female jurist as one having the qualities that are commensurate with that of any legal luminary and that would stand the test of time.

The attorney who heads the Law Firm of Derick Sylvester and Associates believes that Justice Henry has left a plethora of authorities that would be useful for practitioners and even other judges from the time she spent in the local jurisdiction.

Justice Henry was called to the Bar in Antigua in 1987, and became a High Court Judge in 2004.


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