The incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) will be staging a major political rally on Sunday during which the final two new entrants to the team for the 2013 General Elections will be presented.

The NDC has confirmed that former civil servants, Joseph Andall and Adrian Thomas will be the candidates for St. Patrick’s West and St. David’s Constituencies respectively.

Andall was likely to be endorsed by the Members of the Constituency Branch of St. Patrick’s East on Tuesday.

Former Works Minister Joseph Gilbert is currently the Member of Parliament for the constituency.

Thomas who will replace the incumbent Michael Lett who is believed to be ailing told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper he was approached by the leadership of the party to take up the challenge in a constituency that Congress has only lost once in the last five general elections.

He believes that the Congress leadership was able to identify in him what they felt could be of service to the Grenadian people, not only as a community organizer and trade unionist, but the qualities that could augur well for the development of the country.

Thomas is not new to the political arena. He was an activist for the left-leaning New Jewel Movement (NJM) during the 1979-83 rule of the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) under executed Prime Minister, Maurice Bishop.

He spoke of being very attracted to the principles and values that are upheld by the NDC Political Leader and current Prime Minister, Tillman Thomas.

The new NDC Caretaker for St. David’s sees PM Thomas as one who has made a positive impact in the history of Grenada.

“I would obviously advocate on the politics along those lines. That is what Grenada needs now,” he said.

The former civil servant disclosed that apart from the NDC, the last political party that he supported seriously was Bishop’s NJM.

Thomas said after the collapse of the Grenada Revolution in October 1983 following a bitter feud between rival factions led by Bishop and his deputy, Bernard Coard, he did not want to get involved in politics anymore.

However, he said the resignation of former Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Raphael Fletcher in 1998 from the New National Party Government and the reason he advanced for quitting forced him to vote in the 1999 poll for the very first time.

According to Thomas, he voted for NDC not just as a supporter of the party but to register an anti-corruption vote against former Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell and NNP.

The new entrant to national electoral politics said he would like to see a sense of unity in the country since he has seen what disunity can cause.

“I would be preaching a sense of unity and stability in Grenada,” he told THE NEW TODAY.

The NDC St. David’s Candidate contended that there is no doubt that under the leadership of PM Thomas this has been the most stable period in Grenada for a very long time.

Thomas sees the task ahead as being a great challenge, but said he is ready to rise to the occasion, and try not to disappoint the people of Grenada, and the people of St. David’s in particular.

“I have been tested in the past on many occasions and I rose to the occasion quite successfully. I have no doubt this time would be another success for me,” he said.

Thomas stated that apart from being involved in politics, he has always had a love for people.

A number of new faces have already been identified as part of the NDC Team for the 2013 general elections.

They include Terrie Hillaire (St. Andrew’s North East), Harrison Fleary (Carriacou and Petite Martinique), Denneth Modeste (St. Mark’s), Dr. George Vincent (St. John’s), Ali Dowden (St. George North West), Franka Bernadine (Town of St. George), Randal Robinson (St. George South East), and Merle Byer (St. George South).

The Congress team is completed by Prime Minister Thomas (St. Patrick’s East), Nazim Burke, (St. George North East), Alleyne Walker (St. Andrew’s North West), Sylvester Quarless (St. Andrew’s South West), and Patrick Simmons (St. Andrew’s South East).


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