‘Together for Grenada’

My fellow Grenadians,


As the holidays approach, the GULP joins the nation in celebrating this most festive occasion.

The GULP will continue to support all things Grenadian; and, most importantly, we will continue to support our Grenadian people.

I urge all Grenadians to pray for this nation and to remember the reason why our Lord Jesus Christ was born. Only through a Christian spirit of self sacrifice and perseverance can we as a nation succeed.

As 2012 turns into 2013, I ask all Grenadians to reflect on the previous year, and to consider becoming more involved in the way this country is governed.

Our collective New Year’s resolution should be to first put God upfront and foremost in our lives, and to seek his guidance and blessing in helping us to stamp out corruption, to decrease the ever escalating crime rate, to offer a better distribution of the country’s wealth and resources, to improve the standard of living for our poorest citizens of this nation, and to create wealth for all who are prepared to work for it.

During the holidays I ask our citizens not to lose focus on the true reason why we are celebrating and to remember to share with those who are less fortunate.

The GULP encourages our people, in this time of global economic decline compounded by serious mismanagement of the economy, to spend cautiously and modestly. It is the love we share in our families, amongst our friends, and in our nation, which is so much more precious than any gift that we could ever buy.

As I speak, I can almost see you shaking your heads, just another politician, what do they care about us? Well, the GULP is truly a different party. The grassroot party, whose existence is rooted in the love for the Grenadian people and had been the driving force for changes in the way politics were carried on in Grenada over the years.

Our party has actively been in the Grenadian political arena since 1954 and will continue to be here for you. Next year we will take our campaign countrywide to let the people recommit themselves to the party’s principles and philosophy.

I call on all Grenadians to support us in this great work, and ask for

your prayers. And I ask those of you worn down by the seemingly endless problems our beloved country faces, to take heart – there is hope for the future.

Together we can build a better Grenada for us and for future generations.

Once again on behalf of the Grenada United Labour Party, I wish all Grenadians a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and hope filled New Year.


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