Recycling Company under investigation

The operators of a recycling company in the south of the island are under investigation by the police for having in their possession a quantity of copper wire.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the lawmen were able to lay their hands on 30 pounds of clean copper wire that were contained in a fine bag on the compound of the recycling company that is based at Maurice Bishop Highway during a recent police operation.

The source who spoke on condition of being anonymous said the Police Officers who are from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in St. George’s took away the copper wire for investigation purposes.

Just about three weeks ago, a building owned by former Governor General Sir Daniel Williams that is under construction at Lucas Street, St. George’s was entirely stripped off its electrical wires that were recently installed.

However, the source said the lawmen could not immediately link the copper wire that they discovered to those missing from the Lucas Street building.

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