Anselm Clouden reaches out

The other side of Attorney Anselm Clouden was showcased just before the Christmas Holidays when, for the 15th consecutive year, he was able to provide the people of the Parish of St. David’s with beef at a reduced price.

Clouden told Reporters who were on location where the meat was being sold at Syracuse, St. David’s that every Christmas he has been rather fortunatee, through God’s grace to be able to slaughter a cow from his farm in St. David’s.

He sees what he has been doing for the past 15 years as an act of thanksgiving by returning to the community the assistance that they have rendered to him during the year.

“I see it as a charitable act and a community spirit around Christmas time. My farm is in the community and most of the workers on the farm are in the community so I sell meat to the community at around Christmas time at a reduced price,” he said.

“This is the other side of my life. Rather than I always into the law, I love agriculture – farming, husbandry. That’s my preoccupation,” he added.

Clouden boasts that his meat is of a special type since the animals are only fed on organic food.

The lawyer/farmer currently has 15 herds of cattle on the farm.

The preparation of slaughtering the cow begins on a Friday Night with a cook-up that involves the attorney and the men who look after the farm.

The cow is slaughtered in the vicinity of the farm, and the carcass is brought down to the community in Syracuse.

Being a native of Carriacou, Clouden said he has now adopted St. David’s as his Parish in Grenada.


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