St. Andrew’s Woman accused of stealing government money

Just at a time when the Government of Grenada is grappling to meet its monthly financial commitments, an employee of the Ministry of Finance has allegedly been fleecing the State of large sums of money.

A charge of stealing by reason of employment has been laid on Cassandra Joseph of Well’s Road in Grenville, St. Andrew’s.

Joseph who worked at the District Revenue Office in Grenville, St. Andrew’s is accused of stealing cash amounting to $6,135.00.

An authoritative source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the female employee was allegedly engaged in altering tax payments from persons who visit the office to pay their taxes.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said when people came to pay their taxes they were being told that they have a backlog of arrears.

The source said that Joseph allegedly returned to people their tax notices as a form of receipt, and did not give them the official receipt which is usually provided by the Ministry of Finance for their tax payments.

According to the source, the female employee was able to manipulate the system and kept in her possession some of the money collected for the State.

The source said Joseph has had a number of other charges of similar nature laid on her, and this latest charge is as a result of the continuation of investigations.

This newspaper understands that the offenses allegedly took place between March and August.


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