Request for speedy trial turned down

Lindon Decouteau and Andy Patterson – allegedly robbed Franklyn Phillip

The cry of a well-known convict to have an immediate trial on charges of robbery with violence, and causing dangerous harm that have been laid on him has been turned down by Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill.

Lindon Decoteau of Telescope, St. Andrew’s who is jointly charged with Andy Patterson of Belmont, St. George’s are accused of violently robbing Franklyn Phillip of cash amounting to $69.37 on November 29 at Belmont.

Both men allegedly stole from Phillip, a 44-year old bartender some EC$40.00 and US $11.00, and while committing the act, caused dangerous harm to Phillip.

Patterson who has 11 previous offenses pleaded with Magistrate Gill for him to enter a plea and have the matter tried immediately in fear of having “to suffer” on the remand block at the Richmond Hill prison.

He said he has no problem if Magistrate Gill imposes a three or five years prison sentence on him.

The accused man said it is not easy to be confined in the prisons without having a visit from someone. He did not elaborate. Under prison rules, inmates are entitled to visits.

The accused charged that the victim was someone who is insane and on the day of the incident, Phillip drank from the rum that he and Decoteau had and then left them to go somewhere else.

According to Patterson, it was only when he confronted Phillip for money for the rum that the incident occurred.

The court learnt that the incident took place two days after Patterson was released from prison.

In turning down Patterson’s request, Magistrate Gill said she has been informed that the victim of the offense is hospitalised.

The magistrate indicated that in the event Phillip’s conditions change, the charge might have to be upgraded.

In addition, she said in order to have a trial she has to summon the doctors and other witnesses for the case.

Patterson and Decoteau are to be brought back to court today, Friday December 21.


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