The Positive Change Services

By Kenny Smart

As a Sergeant of Police with approximately 24 years experience, I have witnessed first- hand the harsh reality of the negative impacts of drug use and the abuse of drugs on individuals across the Grenadian society.

I have therefore, after much deliberation and research, decided that the time is long overdue for us to take a stand once and for all to try to eradicate this scourge of Society that is wreaking havoc on our nation and more especially our youth…the very façade of our future.

Given this reality, what is needed is a unified approach and therefore I am appealing to all relevant stakeholders to join in the combat and champion this worthy cause.

I have, in collaboration with several health professionals in Grenada, put together a comprehensive Program and currently developing the relevant strategic approach to enable us to tackle and curb the problem of drug use, sellers and those financing the drug trade in our country.

The drug problem is a real one, hence the need for a rehab approach and the need to support the legal framework against illegal drug use.

The following is a brief outline of what we have agreed on so far and we are in dire need of your input and co-operation in any or all areas since it is absolutely imperative that we work together.




*To Realise a Drug Free Society for every individual, nationals or non-nationals, to co-exist peacefully.




*An integrated and proactive approach to heighten the awareness of drug abuse and its negative effects on the Grenadian society, which is a holistic attempt to speak to both the healing of the Body and the Mind.


Against this backdrop, the following approach will be taken:


*Focus on Community open house discussions (such as visits to homes, primary and secondary schools, as well as the tertiary institutions, informal conversations about drugs, especially with the youth)


*Seminars and Workshops (Powerpoint Presentations and other Mediums will be used to sensitise the public about drug use and prevention and what to do when you spot potential victims)


*Launch-A-nationwide competition for the most Drug Free School or Community


*The POSITIVE CHANGE SERVICES will establish an office in any community it is working to facilitate its services to that community.


*From time to time medical practitioners will come into the community to work with addicts and assist in detoxing them and the addicts will also be exposed to hydrotherapy.


In our efforts to eradicate drugs and rehabilitate our brothers and sisters across the Grenadian society, it is our intention not to leave any stone unturned and therefore we will continue to appeal to all affected through motivational activities and work towards the establishment of a rehabilitation facility.

The Positive Change Services will operate an open-door policy and therefore the Public will be updated shortly on its location and related information.

Having said this, I want to extend to all a blessed Christmas and I particularly appeal to our young people to stay away from drug use, as we celebrate and look forward to a promising new year. Happy Christmas!

We look forward to your support and any expressions of interest and you are welcome to contact us.


(Kenny Smart is a Sergeant of Police with the Royal Grenada Police Force)



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