Policeman accused of wife beating

A domestic dispute between a Police Officer and his former wife has lead to charges being laid against the couple.

The Policeman, Alva Roberts who is originally from Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s and now resides at D’Arbeau, St. George’s has to answer a charge of causing harm to Brenda Roberts with whom he shared a dwelling house.

A well-place source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the couple was having domestic problems for a long period of time.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said as a result of the continued conflict between the two, the wife moved out of the house and went to live with her mother at D’Arbeau, just a stone’s throw away from where her ex-husband lives.

The source indicated that because of the sour relationship, the Roberts’ had to seek frequent counseling at the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force.

However, things took a turn for the worse in the early part of the month as they became engaged in a public conflict after the Policeman, attached to the Traffic Department accused the wife of having an intimate relationship with another man.

The police officer allegedly caused damage to his ex-wife’s face during the conflict and in retaliation, the woman reportedly threw stones at him.

According to the source, the woman used several obscene language and told her former husband that he would suffer and that she wants noting to do with his house.

Charges of obscene language and throwing stones were laid on her.


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