Police Yuletide Operation yields early success

Supt. Dunbar Belfon, ACP Dowlyn Bartholomew and Supt Edvin Martin who addressed the media

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) has already begun to reap success in its yuletide operation that commenced November 26.

Officer in charge of crime prevention, Superintendent Edvin Martin reported that two weeks into the operation the police have already seized in excess of 140 pounds of compressed marijuana along with an unspecified quantity of marijuana cigarettes and wrapped portions.

Nineteen persons have been arrested for offenses ranging from possession of illegal drugs and offensive weapons, to traffic-related offenses.

Just a little over 630 traffic tickets have been issued, while four vehicles have been impounded for failing to have the necessary license and insurance.

A number of offensive weapons have also been confiscated.

According to Supt Martin, the Police Force has implemented “a zero tolerance approach to the possession of offensive weapons amongst members of the public”.

He said once someone cannot appropriately justify being in possession of an offensive weapon, it is highly likely that he could be arrested and charged and taken to court for committing an offense.

The senior Police Officer stressed that it is the view of law enforcement officials that once someone becomes angry and is in possession of an offensive weapon, he would likely make use of it.

Supt. Martin was at the time addressing a press conference held last week Tuesday at Police Headquarters on Fort George.

The high-ranking Police Officer promised that the operation would intensify as the country moves closer to Christmas and the New Year.

The objective of the yuletide operation is to provide an environment for business places, visitors and members of the general public to enjoy the Christmas Season free of the perception of fear of crime, and to ensure their safety and security.

Supt. Martin disclosed that as part of the operation there would be an increase in both mobile and foot patrols by Police Officers in and around towns, shopping centres, and places of entertainment as a means of deterring criminal activity.

In addition, there will be an increase in traffic check points both day and night along various routes as RGPF takes steps to create an atmosphere that would help to achieve the highest level of deterrence.

Supt. Martin said that in an effort to accomplish the task, various departments of the police force and external entities such as the Customs Department would be working closely with each other in this period.

Over the years, RGPF has been reluctant to give holiday passes to police officers during the very busy Christmas holiday period in order to keep more officers on active duty.


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