Osprey Worker Charged With Cocaine Possession

Pheron Noel – accused of being part of an accomplice in the money laundering charge

Members of the Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have discovered a quantity of cocaine on board the Osprey Shuttle that allegedly was in the possession of a female employee.

The lawmen swooped down on the boat last week Tuesday at the Queen’s Jetty on the Carenage, St. George’s after it came from its daily excursion to Carriacou.

During the operation the law enforcement officials located one bag containing one kilo of cocaine on the boat.

The Drug Squad team was also able to lay their hands on just about $17,990.00 during the operation.

A female employee, Shirlyn Lewis who has been a member of the Osprey team for the past four months was subsequently arrested and charged with possession and trafficking in an illegal substance, and money laundering.

The police also apprehended Woburn, St. George’s Fisherman Pheron Noel as part of the operation and charged him with conspiracy to money laundering.

A high level source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper Noel had picked up the 23-year old Lewis who is a resident of Brizan, St. George’s at a house on H. A. Blaze Street, formerly Tyrell Street where Osprey Staff are often kept while on duty.

The source said that Noel took the young lady to his house in Woburn and allegedly gave her some money in exchange for a parcel that she had collected from someone in Carriacou to bring down to the mainland for him.

It is not clear what the parcel contained. However, the police are alleging that the main transaction was scheduled to take place the following day when the police moved in on Lewis and recovered the cocaine.

Osprey Worker Shirlyn Lewis – accused of trafficking cocaine

Lewis and Noel were each granted bail of different amount with two sureties by Magistrate Karen Noel last week Friday.

Lewis’ bail was in the sum of $75,000.00, while Noel was placed on bail in the sum of $25,000.00.

The two accused persons were required to surrender all travel documents, and to report to the Central Police Station on the Carenage every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


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