Jewelry trade to be monitored

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is in the process of putting in place a protocol to govern the selling and purchasing of jewelry.

In recent times a number of people have reported to the police that they have been robbed of their jewelry, and concerns have been raised by the general public of “gold buyers” who are frequenting the country on a monthly basis to purchase “unwanted jewelry.”

Supt. Edvin Martin – invest in your personal safety

The issue was raised on Tuesday by Editor of THE NEW TODAY Newspaper, Wayne Modeste to Superintendent of Police, Edvin Martin during a press conference held at Police Headquarters on Fort George.

Supt. Martin disclosed that the issue was recently discussed at an Executive Meeting of RGPF and pointed to an informal and adhoc arrangement with the purchasers of jewelry and a number of Police Departments for verification of persons who have been selling jewelry to them.

The high-ranking Police Officer said that due to that arrangement, RGPF has had some success in that some persons who are involved in selling stolen jewelry have been caught.

“We are now looking at moving to the level where we can implement an actual protocol where there would be a set procedure for the purchasers to have proper identification of persons intending to sell (jewelry),” he added.

Just last week an advertisement carried in one of the weekly newspapers announced a gold-buying event taking place at a particular store in St. George’s from December 19-21.

Supt. Martin said while the RGPF would have concerns about the possible criminal stealing and selling of jewelry, there is also the legitimate business opportunity for persons who may want to porn or sell jewelry that they have in exchange for cash.

“Maybe it is serving a good purpose in one end, but certainly our interest will be to ensure that if there is any issue as it relates to crimes, that criminals do not have an opportunity to steal individuals jewelry and have a readily available market,” he remarked.

The senior Police Officer is confident that when adopted, the protocol will put systems in place to tighten control on persons who are desirous of selling jewelry by making obligations on both the seller and the purchaser to ensure that if there is any attempt by criminal elements to sell, the police should be informed in a timely manner before the sale takes place or immediately thereafter.

He said it is believed that once an illegal supply of jewelry is “killed” then the likelihood of stealing jewelry will then fall.

Just recently, THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that an elderly couple who reside at Grand Anse, St. George’s were violently robbed of three pairs of gold bracelets by two men armed with a knife.

In another incident, a 74-year senior citizen of Mt. Gay, St. George’s was robbed off her gold chain and pendant.

Supt. Martin who is the Police Officer in charge of crime believes there is a high level of negligence on the part of homeowners in securing their property.

He complained that too many homeowners would leave their houses with windows opened, and doors unlocked while being away for long periods of time and they can easily become victims of house-breaking and stealing.

The Police Superintendent is advising homeowners to invest in their own personal safety and security as the nation prepares for the Christmas Season by taking precautionary measures to prevent criminal activity against them.

He said there have also been instances where persons retire to bed leaving windows and doors open only to realise during the night that there are intruders in the house.

“Security and safety occurs at different levels, and the individual also has a responsibility to practice good safety measures in order to ensure their own personal security,” he quipped.

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