Cocaine Missing From The Court

Supreme Court Registry – used to store exhibits for court cases

Police are probing the disappearance of 53 kilos of cocaine that has a street value of EC $4.5 million from the stores of the Supreme Court Registry in St. George’s.

The cocaine was discovered missing on Monday by a bailiff of the court.

A high level source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper it is believed that entry into the stores was made from the Church Street area.

The source who spoke on condition of not being identified said it is apparent that those who removed the illegal drugs used a pig-toe to price open the door.

This newspaper learnt that 17 parcels containing the illegal drugs were taken away.

State Prosecutors used the missing cocaine in evidence in a high profile drug case that involved Belmont, St. George’s resident, Sterlin Martin Alic.

Alic who was found guilty of possession and trafficking in the cocaine on November 20, 2008 was given a 25-year prison sentence two weeks ago by high court judge, Madam Justice Price-Findlay.

The female judge also ordered that the drugs be destroyed immediately.

A court official expressed shock that the illegal substance was still left inside of the stores of the Supreme Court Registry in light of the court order for it to be taken away and destroyed.

Meanwhile, THE NEW TODAY understands that a court official on Monday found a quantity of cocaine stashed inside of the bathroom facility, which is in the vicinity of the Number Two Magistrate’s Court.

The cocaine, estimated to be about two large handfuls, was contained in a white plastic bag with surgical tapes around it.

Speculation is rife that the illegal substance was placed there for an inmate of the Richmond Hill Prisons who was brought to court on Monday.

According to a reliable source, shortly after a court official made the discovery, the prison inmate who escaped lawful custody earlier this year came to use the bathroom.

He spoke of the individual being in a frantic mood and kept asking for additional bathroom tissue before he entered the facility.


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