Christmas Message from Commissioner of Police, Willan Thompson

Commissioner of Police Willan Thompson – it will be a challenging year for all

Fellow Grenadians, greetings to you in this Yuletide season. Every year at this time, we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ which occurred over 2000 years ago. It is also a time of reflection as we look back at our achievements and failures over the last year.

Additionally, it is a time for us to move forward and make amends for the things that did not turn out the way we expected.

As we in the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) reflect on 2012, we have observed that with the cooperation we have had from you the public, there has been an increase in the number of crimes and offences solved.

We have also observed that there were increases in certain types of crimes committed with the most alarming being Incest where there was a marked increase. This, we regard as very troubling and therefore we entreat mothers to be more careful with their daughters.

Over the last year, there has been an increase in our Community Policing Activities. The RGPF has been involved in the construction of four (4) houses for persons in need. There have also been the refurbishment of houses and special care given to the elderly in some areas. It is expected that these activities will continue in 2013 and will be intensified.

Over the same period, that is January – December, 2012 the RGPF attended four church services. On every occasion we were well received with a request to return.

Every division mounted a series of walk-throughs especially in troubled and depressed areas. The intention was to reassure the community that the RGPF is a part of every community and that there is the need for us to work closer together.

In 2013, we are expected to have additional initiatives that can enhance our relationship with the public with a view of minimising crime and increasing our solving rate, thus improving the whole aspect of community safety and security.

You may recall that earlier in the year, we launched our Strategic Plan to cover the period 2012-2016. There was a significant change to the previous plan in that a sixth pillar was added, that of anti-corruption. In order for the anti-corruption pillar to be fully effective there is the need for some legislative change which we hope will occur in 2013 legislative year.

Currently, we are working on an aid memoire for the RGPF relating to the investigation of serious crimes. This document will become the doctrine by which serious crimes will be investigated in the future.

The RGPF has undertaken a number of other initiatives among them being a new method for practical driving examination. From 2013, the system will be a point system. It is expected that this new system will be more objective than the one that currently obtains.

The RGPF is also embarking on the development of Core Competencies for the various ranks. Once established it is expected that there should be an improvement in the service meted out to the public. Police Officers will then be more aware of their requirements and work towards the level of professionalism expected.

Further, the RGPF is working on a teaching document for our police boys clubs so that we can harmonise what is taught in the several clubs across the island.

Presently, we have seen an increase in the number of offences committed against farmers. Being mindful of the need to minimise crime in this sector of the society as well, a special meeting among senior officers was arranged to strategise and to find ways of dealing with this growing problem.

Consequently, in 2013, stringent steps will be taken to deal with the problem of Praedial Larceny as we work towards a reduction in the number of offences in that area.

The 2012 carnival season was a very successful one and once more I take this opportunity to say thanks to all who contributed to its success. The number of crimes and offences were minimal and going forward we will like to raise the bar further.

The RGPF as an institution worked ceaselessly in 2012 and I take this opportunity to thank every individual member of the Force for their contribution in ensuring the success we have had in 2012. May we continue to improve as we transit in 2013. It is expected that it will be a challenging one for all and as such we need to remain united and work to the best of our ability.

Now that we are into the Christmas Season when citizens eat more and drink more as well, I entreat you to be careful on the road. Every driver should be cautious so as to minimise the likelihood of accidents which can be expensive in both human and material cost. The grief and suffering that go along with such accidents cannot be quantified.

To the general public, I wish you the peace of God over the Christmas Season and a blessed and fruitful 2013. Please handle all your monies carefully and do not carry or keep at home any more money than you need to.

As we end 2012, the Royal Grenada Police Force expresses its profound gratitude to all, who in some way assisted in the success we had in the year.

We also thank the media for the part they played in helping us to sensitise the public on various issues. Though we have had financial constraints we have been able to achieve quite a bit.


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