Charges of Sexual Encounter with Student

The Happy Hill Secondary School (HHSS) is back in the news once again.

This time it involves a young male teacher who is under investigation in connection with an alleged act of sexual interference of a schoolgirl.

According to well-placed sources, the Ministry of Social Services was forced to intervene following complaints made to officials at the ministry about the sexual ordeal.

A source close to the school told this newspaper that the teacher was transferred to HHSS from another secondary school sometime ago following similar complaints of sexual involvement with female students.

He said that last week Tuesday, officials of the Ministry of Education requested the teacher to resign from his teaching position at the school and he allegedly complied with the order.

He spoke of the teacher facing specific allegations that he used a room in the Science wing of the school to engage in sexual intercourse with some under-aged students.

The Happy Hill Secondary School is widely regarded as one of the most troubled secondary schools on the island.

Two months ago, a 12-year old Form One student used a knife to inflict a fatal stab wound on a 16-year old Form 5 male student. The youngster is currently on remand at the Richmond Hill prison.

THE NEW TODAY understands that attempts are being made to get a high court judge to place the 12-year old on bail early in the New Year.


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