Randal’s endorsement is delayed

The incumbent National Democratic Congress (NDC) has decided to push back the public endorsement of its Caretaker for the St. George South East Constituency, Randal Robinson due to legal wranglings.

Karl Hood – making a desperate attempt to block his replacement

Robinson was scheduled to be among the five Caretakers in the parish of St. George’s to be presented at a public meeting of the Congress held Sunday at the Morne Rouge Playing Field in St. George’s.

His presentation was delayed due to a court matter that has been instituted by the current Member of Parliament for the constituency, Karl Hood who has expressed interest in getting the nod for a second time.

Chairperson of the meeting, Senator Ann Peters alluded to the principles of the party to respect institutions as part of its core values.

Sen. Peters, the current Minister of Health, said the NDC was led by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who believes in law and order and that once a process has to be unfolded, the 25-year old party has to abide by the law.

The female chairman of the meeting recalled that at a meeting of the St. George’s South East Constituency Branch at the Marian Community Centre on September 24, the members nominated and elected Robinson as their Caretaker.

Randal Robinson – favoured by the St. George South East Constituency

Robinson who is a Service Provider in the Tourism Industry was recommended by the Executive Body of the Constituency Branch to the National Executive Council of the NDC to serve as their Caretaker which was accepted.

Sen. Peters said all these decisions took place before the September 30 National Convention which took a decision to expel Hood and four other Members of Parliament who won their seats on an NDC ticket in the July 2008 elections.

In the aftermath of his expulsion from the party, Hood retained the services of his brother, Cajeton Hood, an attorney-at-law to take court action aimed at preventing Robinson from representing Congress as the candidate in the area for the upcoming general elections.

The court action filed by Hood was directed to the NDC Political Leader, Deputy Political Leader, Nazim Burke, Chairman of the party, Sen. Franka Bernadine, as well as Deputy Chairman, Kent Joseph, and General Secretary Bernard Isaac.

The motion is asking the court to prevent the NDC from taking any action that would prevent Hood from participating in activities of the party.

Sen. Peters told the NDC public meeting that Hood is also asking the court to prevent NDC from taking any action in the name of the party aimed at selecting, announcing, registering, or identifying any candidate for the upcoming general elections in the Constituency of St. George’s South East.

The matter was scheduled to come before the court for a decision on Wednesday.

“Our decision… (from preventing Randal) is based upon respect for the institution,” Sen. Peters stressed.

“There is no order of the court preventing us from going ahead and presenting Randal to the Grenadian people as the party’s Caretaker for the Constituency of St. George’s South East,” she added.

Earlier this year Hood who was at the time serving as Foreign Minister resigned his ministerial portfolio based on what he termed as dissatisfaction with the leadership of the government.

Hood had also stated publicly on a few occasions that he was not interested in seeking a second term as MP for St. George South-east.

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