Merle Byer: I make a pledge to you

Merle Joycelyn Byer – I will not tell you any lies

St. George’s businesswoman Bernadette Merle Joycelyn Byer has indicated that she is not seeking personal gains by entering the political arena.

Byer who was among four St. George’s-based Caretakers to be presented by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during a public meeting in the south of the island last Sunday pledged not to rely on the public purse for her survival.

“This evening I make a pledge to you, my dear people, with the exception of one dollar I will donate the rest of my salary towards the general improvement or enhancement of South St. George,” she said.

Byer would be seeking to replace the current Member of Parliament Glynis Roberts as the Representative for the South.

Byer who managed Roberts’ campaign said five months ago if anyone had whispered to her that the political arena is in her future she would have said no.

Having had a dim view of politicians, she said circumstances and situations have caused her to reflect and re-examine of what politicians used to be and what they have now become.

The female Caretaker said after Roberts sudden resignation from the Cabinet of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, and having had numerous encouraging requests from ordinary concerned citizens of the country and some party members, she decided to put country before self and joined the political arena.

“I decided to do what I can do to help restore our nation to the days when all of its people had a sense of national pride and patriotism,” she said.

Byer promised to be honest to the people, and to put the views of her constituents first.

“I will not tell you any lies. I will not tell you only what you want to hear. I will tell you the truth as it is, even if it hurts,” she said.

The female Caretaker also used the occasion to project her stability in life.

As a widow she said she is the mother of three boys, and among them having given her five grand-children, and operates her own family business for the past 28 years.

“I know how to listen, how to take orders, how to execute them,” she said.

Byer said she is entering into service for the community and the nation, and together with her constituents they would do as much as is humanly possible and realistic.

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