Local Journalists accused of reporting misinformation

Sen. Franka Bernadine – some Journalists are being paid by some people

Education and Human Development Minister, Senator Franka Bernadine has accused some local Journalists of being paid by some people to broadcast misinformation in the Caribbean.

Sen. Bernadine who was at the time addressing a public meeting of the incumbent National Democratic Congress that was used to present four St. George’s-based Caretakers last Sunday said that life in due course would teach such persons what they need to learn.

She said there is too much negative and unnecessary complaints and misinformation being provided in the country.

The senior government minister made reference to rumors that government is selling out the Grenada Electricity Services Limited when in fact, the majority shareholder WRN Enterprises is the one selling its fifty-one percent shares.

“These things are designed to confuse people and put fear in them through misinformation,” she said.

Sen. Bernadine disclosed that about one month ago there were 30 cancellations for a conference because of a story that went out on the Caribbean stating that there is protest in the streets of Grenada.

The female minister looked at the negative economic impact that story had on Grenada.

“Hotels lost out, vendors lost. I personally got called by two such persons saying is it safe for us to come to Grenada,” she said.

Sen. Bernadine said the only people those who embark on the misinformation are hurting are the country and its people.

Prime Minister and Political Leader of the NDC, Tillman Thomas who also spoke about the misinformation being disseminated by some Journalists said it was aimed at damaging the country’s reputation.

Prime Minister Thomas said the daily attacks on the government by certain externally-based “so-called Journalists” who have a history of selling their conscience to the highest bidder have caused significant damage to the country’s image abroad, and to the economy.

“None of them care enough to stop for a minute to consider the effect of their actions on you, the people of Grenada,” he said.

The Grenadian Leader said those Journalists, whom he refrained from identifying, are busy causing trouble for Grenada and giving the region the impression that the NDC Government is denying citizens their rights and freedom.

He said they are also giving the region the impression that his government is dictatorial, self-serving and undemocratic.

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