Derek James: ‘My purpose is in the service of others’

Following is a Thank you letter from Derrick James whose service with the Government of Grenada in New York came to an end last week in the wake of questions being asked about his diplomatic status by the U.S State Department in Washington.


Appreciation and Thanks to all Grenadians


December 6, 2012


Dear All:


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be your Consul General for the past four years. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience. This experience affirmed that my purpose is in the service of others.

Over the course of this journey, I was able to spend many hours with individuals and groups listening to them, and talking with them about how we can better serve our community and work in harmony for the development of our homeland Grenada.

It was incredibly fulfilling to be able to put structure and focus to the many plans for nation building, national unity and strengthening the bonds between national at home and those in the New York Diaspora.

The ideas, talents, religious and political suasions brought to the table were wide and varied; but, we all shared the same ultimate vision. Your advice and experience were tremendously helpful to me – and Grenada as a whole – throughout these past four years. We all are better for it.

I truly appreciate and will never forget the confidence shown in me by the Government and People of Grenada. My thanks and heartfelt gratitude are also extended to the Permanent Secretaries and the team I worked along with at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; as well to the Staff at the Consulate, the Community Organisations, the Community of Consuls General in New York with whom I worked very closely, my family and friends.

I must say thank you to MP Peter David for believing in me. He identified in me the personality traits required for the position when he first proposed to the government leadership in 2008 that I should be appointed Consul General. Upon my appointment, I dedicated myself to selfless service at the best of my abilities.

I embrace my departure as Consul General as a new beginning strongly rooted in my commitment to service; I shall remain a community activist and a voice and an advocate for the disadvantaged. There is much to be done in the Diaspora and at home. I avail myself to continue full representation of my people and country.


Yours in Service,

Derrick James



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