RGPF gets a Health Plan

George’s University (SGU) Professor, Omawale Amu Leru-Marshall

Members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) have been given a lesson in healthy living as they recognised those who have excelled during the year.

It came from St. George’s University (SGU) Professor, Omawale Amu Leru-Marshall who addressed the Fourth Annual Awards and Retirement Ceremony of the force that was held at the Grenada Trade Centre last Saturday.

He disclosed that approximately seventy cents of the health dollar in the Caribbean is spent on health conditions that the individual can manage.

Professor Omawale who is the Chairman of the National Non-communicable Disease Commission noted that most of the deaths ranging between sixteen and eighteen percent in the Anglophone Caribbean are associated with conditions that can be managed.

The SGU Professor who was the guest speaker at the awards ceremony said if basic things are done, people can avoid the things that are killing most people prematurely.

He admonished those at the function to try and eat three meals a day, especially breakfast since it is regarded as being the most important one for humans to consume.

However, he advised against eating certain foods such as starch and fried foods habitually because when starch is eaten it is like “spooning sugar into your mouth.”

“Step back from the rice, the big bread, the cakes and the bakes. Decide we had enough rice, we’ve enjoyed it, we like we bread… but it’s time now to go in a different direction. The roti, I would suggest that you leave it alone entirely, but if you can’t do that, then ensure that your portions are so comparatively small that they are almost not noticeable,” he said.

Professor Omawale advised that vegetables and fruits could be ideal substitutes for starchy foods.

He also spoke of the effects of alcohol on the human being.

Stating that alcohol is more dangerous than narcotics, the Guest Speaker pointed out that every drink of alcohol kills brain cells, and attacks every organ system.

“Why would you stand willingly waiting for the onslaught of these so-called lifestyle diseases…. We are committing suicide,” he said.

The University Professor also made some passing comments on the effectiveness of sleep.

He said the pundits advise in public health to try and sleep eight hours out of every 24.

“Sleep eight hours, eat breakfast and two other regular meals, reduce your intake of starch and fat and salt, increase your intake of vegetables as crunchy as you can tolerate,” he underscored.


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