Policeman Kicked in the Groin…as Peter de Savary’s Yachtsman caught smoking marijuana

Brazilian Fernanda Vigne – behaved badly during the fracas

The man who serves as the Captain of the personal yacht of multi-millionaire British investor, Peter de Savary has been charged by police for illegally smoking marijuana.

Thomas Cappello was caught with the illegal substance last week Friday while “hanging out” at Prickley Bay Marina at Lance Aux Epines, St. George’s.

Immigration Officer, Leroy Dominic who was on observation patrol, spotted the Italian-born man lighting the hand-rolled marijuana cigarette.

The court was told that Officer Dominic saw when Cappello took out the marijuana cigarette and started smoking it.

When confronted by the policeman, the convicted man threw the marijuana on the ground but confessed to Officer Dominic that it was a marijuana cigarette that he had received from a gentleman in the crowd.

The 31-year old Captain pleaded guilty on a charge of possession of marijuana before Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill at the St. George’s Number One Magistrate Court on Monday.

Female Attorney Ayanna Nelson who mitigated on behalf of Cappello felt that her client who had spent three days in police custody had already paid the price for his transgression.

Nelson said her client who lives at Golf Course, St. George’s has been residing in Grenada for the past six months, and is supposed to be on duty at all times in case of an emergency on the yacht.

Magistrate Gill fined Cappello $400.00 for his indiscretion.

The court was also told that Cappello’s arrest resulted in a fight breaking out among a group of women who were in his company.

Thomas Cappello – caught smoking ganja

Brazilian Fernanda Vigne, and Paula Williams from Jamaica attacked Racquel Matika, Manager of the restaurant and bar at the marina.

The court learnt that the women felt that Matika was the one who reported the smoking incident to Officer Dominic.

Matika was said to be sitting at the back of the restaurant at about 10:30 p.m. having a glass of water when the two women confronted her.

After a few exchanges of words, Vigne reportedly picked up the glass of water and threw it on the manager. The Brazilian woman then grabbed Matika by the neck, while Williams proceeded to strike her on the face and forehead.

In the heat of things, Vigne went on to grab the Marina’s Restaurant and Bar Manager by the right arm and punching her repeatedly.

Owner/Manager of the Marina, Daren Turner along with Officer Dominic and a Security Guard had to come to Matika’s assistance.

While attempting to calm down the outraged Brazilian at the car park, Officer Dominic was kicked in the groin several times by Vigne.

All three foreigners were taken into the Immigration Office at the Prickley Bay Marina before they were transferred to South St. George Police Station at Morne Rouge, St. George’s.

Both Vigne and Williams pleaded guilty to causing harm to Dominic and Matika.

Vigne also pleaded guilty to obstructing Dominic in the execution of his duties.

Jamaican Paula Williams – participated in the fight

Williams pleaded guilty to causing harm, and using obscene language, and was fined $500.00.

Vigne was fined $5,000.00 as compensation to Officer Dominic. In addition both women had to pay the court $1,000.00 each for their actions.

Officer Dominic said that he restrained himself from roughing up Vigne as he did not want anyone to say that as a policeman he was taking advantage of a female.

He spoke of her being very aggressive and disrespectful to him as she continuously kicked him in his groin.

The Immigration Officer said that in all his life as a policeman, he had never seen anything like what was displayed by the aggressive Brazilian woman.

The court learnt that all three foreigners were on the docks in the vicinity of the gas pump smoking ganja when Turner asked them to refrain from doing so.

Matika who appeared to still be shaken up from the incident said she had no idea why the women choose to attack her and it was very embarrassing to her in the manner in which the entire incident unfolded.


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