PBC Teacher is charged

Police have charged a former teacher of the Presentation Brothers College (PBC) who was involved in a brawl with one of his students.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Nicholas Lazarus has been charged for the offence of causing harm to a 13-year student who resides at Frequente, St. George’s.

The offense was allegedly committed on October 23.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper which first broke the story last month learnt that the 19-year old teacher held onto the student and squeezed him tightly in the area of the throat to the point that blood came from his nostrils.

The incident allegedly arose out of a paper-throwing activity that was taking place among a group of boys and Lazarus at the school.

Weeks after the incident Lazarus was removed from the PBC staff.

The young teacher is the son of well-known Grenadian journalist, Rawle Titus and his former wife, Betty-Ann Lazarus.


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