Stanisclaus found with computer hard drive

Alister Stanisclaus – caught in St. Vincent with a computer hard drive

Police in Grenada are probing the contents of a computer hard drive that was in the possession of escaped prisoner, Alister Stanisclaus.

The 500 GB hard drive along with a large sum of money were handed over to local Police Officers by authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines who picked up Stanisclaus who entered the country illegally last month.

Within days of being in St. Vincent, the lawmen there arrested and charged him for breach of immigration regulations.

The fugitive was given a 14-day jail sentence, and upon his release he was deported back to Grenada.

Two Police Officers, including a Sergeant of Police from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) traveled to St. Vincent and brought back Stanisclaus to the country on board a LIAT Flight last week Tuesday.

A confidential source told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper the lawmen in St. Vincent presented the local Police Officers with the hard drive and the money, along with various other items that were contained in a bag in the possession of the fugitive from justice.

The source who spoke to this newspaper on condition of not being identified said the lawmen took possession of US$4,838.00 and EC $178.00 that was taken away from Stanisclaus.

The escaped prisoner also had in his possession a flashlight, one roll of black electrical tape, a Samsung Cellular Phone and charger, along with headphones.

Meanwhile, wife of the famed prisoner, Lexann Stanisclaus was detained briefly last week Tuesday by Police Officers attached to CID for questioning.

She was suspected of trying to present her husband with a SIM card, which is considered to be a prohibited item for persons in custody.

According to a high level source, Stanisclaus’ wife brought some clothes for him on Tuesday after he was brought into CID after being deported back to Grenada from St. Vincent.

The wife reportedly told police officers that her husband asked her to bring a change of clothes for him but she was not aware that the SIM card was in the pants pocket.

Stanisclaus fled to St. Vincent after he escaped lawful custody at the South St. George Police Station on October 25.

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