S.A.A.S.S. takes 2012 GRENLEC Debate

Education Permanent Secretary, Eunice Sandy-David and Clive Hosten Present Award to SAASS

“Be it resolved that the use of diesel for generation is better than alternative energy because of environmental footprints.”

This was the focus of the final challenge of the 5th Season of the GRENLEC Debates.

Arguing against the motion, St. Andrew’s Anglican Secondary School emerged the victor of the match against Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS).

The theme for the 2012 debate was Energy, and the two teams gave a sterling performance, treating their audience to the highest scoring match of the season.

In supporting the motion, GBSS reminded its audience about the need for careful assessment of alternative energy solutions.

GRENLEC’s Interim Chief Executive Officer, Clive Hosten, reinforced this message noting, “Renewable energy is one answer; it is not a simple one and it is not intended to replace our responsibility to manage our national and individual energy consumption and resources”.

“Real progress can only be recorded if we carefully consider benefits, opportunities and social, cultural, economic and environmental costs”, he added.

Champion S.A.S.S. underscored the benefits to the environment of renewable energy, in particular.

Drawing reference to the recently launched Carriacou Wind Energy Project, the debaters highlighted the initiatives being taken by GRENLEC, the government of Grenada and the European Union to foster renewable energy generation.

Among the technologies being pursued by GRENLEC are wind in Carriacou and Grenada, geothermal, solar and customer interconnections.

Describing the customer renewable energy interconnection programme as important, Hosten said that while GRENLEC continues to subsidise customers who connected during the pilot phase, the Company is “committed to investing in technology that will bring broad benefits to all its customers”.

The Championship, which increased awareness about differing perspectives about the environmental benefits of renewable energy globally, came to an end with GBSS running a close second to S.A.A.S.S.

Anglican High School and St. Joseph’s Convent, Grenville came in at third place. Top Debater of the competition went to Candace Blache of S.A.S.S.

Among the individual and school awards were certificates, a challenge trophy, macbook pro laptops, iPads, Google Nexus 7 tablets and school project awards.

A special 5th Anniversary award, GRENLEC will work with S.A.S.S. to design an energy efficiency and renewable energy project for the school.

The GRENLEC Debate evolved from a competition run by the Media Workers Association of Grenada (MWAG) in 1996 and 1997 and sponsored by GRENLEC.

GRENLEC extended appreciation to the media and all other public and private sector partners for their continued support in ensuring the success of the GRENLEC Debates in nurturing youth in action.

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