Loretto man sent to jail

Junior Richards – stole a bottle of Cherry from Renwick & Thompson

Chief Magistrate, Her Honour Tamara Gill has imposed an 18-month sentence on a young man from Loretto, Gouyave, St. John’s.

Junior Richards who is a seasonal dock worker appeared before the Magistrate on a charge of stealing a bottle of Livingston Dry Cherry from Renwick and Thompson on the Carenage, St. George’s last week Tuesday.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that the 34-year old Richards had just consumed a roti for his lunch and decided to enter the liquor department of the shop where he took the item from the shop.

He attempted to shield it inside of his clothes but was spotted by an employee who alerted the police.

Richards was brought to court last week Thursday and pleaded guilty to the charge of stealing the item valued at $20.85.

Director at Renwick and Thompson, Andrew Bierzynski who was in court to give evidence against the shop-lifter was compassionate for the young man who was released from jail three weeks prior to stealing from the store.

While not wanting to influence the course of justice, Bierzynski asked Magistrate Gill to be lenient on Richards who was facing a maximum of five years for the offense.

The court learnt that Richards had 31 prior convictions.

Bierzynski told this newspaper that shoplifting happens too often at his business outlet.

He said although the convicted man expressed remorse he believes he has now done so because he was caught stealing the Cherry.

The businessman said with the Christmas Season on hand, he is becoming double vigilant in order to protect his business outlet from people who are out to steal.

He said that in many instances where items are taken away it is not stealing out of need, but stealing out of want.


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