German-funded Climate Change Project

A two-member delegation from the German International Cooperation (GIZ), the implementing agency of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany met with Ministry of Environment officials earlier in the week to finalise plans for the implementation of climate change adaptation project for Grenada which will begin in 2013 for a period of four (4) years.

GIZ Representatives who came to Grenada

The Government of Germany will make a grant of up to five (5) million Euros to undertake the “Programme of Integrated Adaptation Strategies in Grenada.”

A concept agreement for the project was signed by the Governments of Grenada and Germany at the margins of the climate change conference in 2011 as a direct follow up to consultations held in Grenada with representatives from GIZ and UNDP and local stakeholders.

The project will focus on coastal zone management, water resource management, institutional strengthening and capacity building.

A major focus will be placed on community adaptation projects including adaptation programme in the agriculture sector as a direct response to possible impacts of climate change from extreme weather events.

The Regional GIZ Director, Marina Meuss said the project will be implemented by GIZ and UNDP.

The Director expressed satisfaction with and appreciation for the important role Grenada has played on climate change issues.

This project is testimony of the appreciation and support for Grenada as it implements adaptation measures.

Accompanying the delegation was Executive Director of the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), Patricia Aquing who is based in St Lucia.

She said the project is a multi-stakeholder one, as it focuses on coastal and marine resources, complementary focus on agriculture with a climate change overlay which affects various ministries and organisations such as the Forestry Division and the Water Authority.

Aquing noted that the “Programme of Integrated Adaptation Strategies in Grenada” will be cross-sectoral and key stakeholders will come from the agriculture, tourism and health sectors.



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