NAWASA to the rescue

It was all smiles as students and teachers of the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Tivoli, St. Andrew received help in creating an environment secure and conducive to learning.

The National Water and Sewerage Authority received and responded to a request from the school to support the installation of a fence to secure the front part of the school’s compound.

This measure is due to recent occurrence of vandalism on the property which has affected the facility’s “School Feeding Programme” and daily operational supplies.

NAWASA’s response was to supply the institution with twelve (12) lengths of ten inch pipes to form part of the barricade for the area identified.

General Manager, Christopher Husbands says, “NAWASA is critically aware of the importance of education to our growing nation. It is in all our best interests to secure the education of our nation’s children and therefore our future.”

School Principal, Trevor Hutchinson thanked NAWASA for their generosity and expressed relief that NAWASA recognised not only the urgency but the necessity of the request and saw it fit to respond accordingly.


(Submitted by NAWASA)

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