Stanisclaus Caught in St. Vincent

Alister Stanisclaus – captured in
St. Vincent

Fugitive from justice, Alister Stanisclaus has been caught in neighbouring St. Vincent & The Grenadines.

The Poultry Farmer from Radix in Mt. Parnassus was nabbed by Vincentian police officers days after he escaped from lawful custody at the South St. George Police Station after being charged in connection with the theft of thousands of dollars from the Automatic Banking Machines (ABM’s) of Scotiabank.

According to a well-placed source, when the suspect was apprehended in the neighbouring island, he allegedly had US$4000.00 in his possession.

Vincentian police officers are said to be carrying out their own investigations to determine whether the Grenadian fugitive might be involved in a raid into an ABM Machine in St. Vincent sometime last week.

This newspaper understands that talks are currently being held between law enforcement officials of the two neighbouring islands on the Stanisclaus issue.

One local official stated that the fugitive can be charged by Immigration officials in St. Vincent for entering their country illegally.

In addition, if the arrested man committed any criminal offences while on Vincentian territory, he can be charged and put on trial there before police officers in Grenada can once again lay their hands on him.

Stanisclaus was able to break free from South St. George Police Station at Morne Rouge after he was taken out of a holding area to see a visitor, Andy John who is jointly charged with him for a string of other criminal activities.

A few hours earlier, police had slapped charges of stealing and bank fraud on the arrested man in connection with the raids on the ABM machines belonging to Scotiabank.

THE NEW TODAY understands that one of the charges against Stanisclaus for stealing $69,970.00 in cash and $41,500.00 from different Scotia Bank operations in downtown St. George’s and at Grand Anse in the south of the island.

There are reports that several prominent Grenadians including a female Magistrate were among persons affected by the raids on the ABM machines.

Stanisclaus has a number of offences pending in court including theft of thousands of dollars from Club Bananas at Morne Rouge, C-Tech Gas Station,  and from entertainer, Wayne “Waggy-T” Redhead.

Scotiabank was forced to issue a press release informing the general public of the fraudulent activities at its ATM machines.

The release said that a number of Scotiabank accounts held by locals were affected through a process known as skimming, whereby fraudsters capture personal information from customers’ cards with the intention of later using that information to access their accounts.

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