Health Minister Senator Ann Peters said every effort is being made to ensure that the status of registered nurses who have completed training under the TAMCC nurses training programme is regularised.

The nurses, who currently receive a $700 dollar stipend from the college, engaged in mild protest last week Wednesday.

The nurses have made a request to be appointed to available positions in the system.

Senator Ann Peters told the Government Information Service (GIS) that on completion of their training, it was necessary that the students exit the programme and apply to have their status regularised.

The Minister said apart from the allocation of an increased amount of registered nurses across the sector, they have also sought to create the position of the registered nurse, which was agreed to by Cabinet.

But the Ministry was advised that this process should be done on an incremental basis, in order to manage the economic consequences of the large number of nurses.

“We appreciate the services they are providing, but there needs to be a mechanism … whereby all involved would look at the scenario and give Cabinet feedback on the best way forward,” Senator Peters said.

Following last Wednesday’s protest, the Minister met with President of the Public Workers Union (PWU), Madonna Harford which represents the nurses, officials from the Nurses Association and representatives of the student body.

It was agreed that they will convene in two weeks to determine the status of the process and the way forward for all parties.

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