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LIME and the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management Inc. (GUSMI) have teamed up to insure that a much anticipated piece of artwork finds its home in the park nestled on the sea bed just off the coast of Molinere.

Howard Clarke with Underwater Sculptures

The “Circle of Children” which depicts unity is housed at LIME’s main office in Mt. Hartman where the finishing touches will be placed on it until after the official launch ceremony is held on November 23.

Since work began on the park in 2006 a number of fascinating pieces have been added.

In January 2012 the park was featured in National Geographic among the top 25 tourist attractions in the world.

Chairman of the GUWSM, Howard Clarke, says, “without LIME’s assistance it would have been very difficult to get the sculpture and have a professional launch.”

“LIME has been fantastic, helping us with sponsorship and support for this invaluable attraction”, he added.LIME has sponsored two (2) children at a cost of EC$3000 each for the underwater park.

Additional support for the project by the Company brings the total value of sponsorship to EC$12,000.

Commenting on LIME’s support, General Manager – Angus Steele said, “We give back in various ways. The park is obviously a major tourist attraction, and support for this venture is one way in which LIME is enhancing our tourism product.”

In September 2012, LIME also introduced prepaid top up cards bearing the image of the circle of children.

The circle comprises 28 children and four (4) are still available for purchase.

LIME is encouraging other Corporate Citizens and individuals to support Grenada’s Tourism Industry by investing in what has become the world famous Underwater Sculpture Park.

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