Protest by Registered Nurses

A group of Registered Nurses (RN) took to the streets of St. George’s on Wednesday in protest over what they described as the meager salary they are receiving.

The nurses told THE NEW TODAY Newspaper that the 66 RN’s have no ulterior motivate other than to “fight a cause.”
One member said the nurses who passed the exams since 2008 have been receiving a stipend of $700.00 monthly for the past four-and-a-half years.

She spoke of many of the RN”s residing in rural Grenada and have to travel to St. George’s on a daily basis and are struggling to meet their high financial responsibility.

“The $700.00 cannot cut it. We have children, we have husbands, we have mortgages, we have bills, and we cannot make it on the $700.00,” she explained.

The RN said if government is not in a position to provide them with a full salary, they are willing to accept a gradual increase other than a stipend.

According to her, when one becomes an RN that person is qualified to receive a salary of $1,800.00 monthly as a starting point and the salary increases to $2,300.00 upon become a mid-wife.

This newspaper was told that under the present system, a senior staff nurse is entitled to receive $2,800.00.

The RN said their job includes supervision of nursing students, as well as taking care of patients, and working with critical patients.

“We have reached a point now where we’re fed up,” she quipped.
Another member of the RN’s described their action as a public awareness protest to sensitise the public about their unresolved issues of unregularised status and salaries.

She claimed that appointments to the service were promised to them when they were successful with their exams but that has not materialised.

According to her, the $700.00 that is paid to them is the same sum of money that is given to students at the Grenada School of Nurses.

The RN alleged that there is nothing in place for them by the State as benefits if they are injured during the course of duties.

“We need some speedy, favourable response to our action,” she said.
The NEW TODAY was unable to reach Health Minister, Ann Peters, a former nurse herself, for comment on the issue.

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