PM Thomas: Parliament will reopen in “due time”

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas – there is nothing to be worried about

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas says that Parliament will be reopened in “due time” as debate continues in the country over the prorogation of Parliament last month by Governor-General, Sir Carlyle Glean.

He made the comment while responding to a question raised by a local reporter during last week’s Tuesday post-Cabinet press briefing.
“I can’t give you a specific date … Parliament could be re-opened, it could be dissolved”, he said.

The main opposition New National Party (NNP) of former Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell and a group of expelled M.P’s from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government has been making calls for the resumption of Parliamentary sittings.

According to Prime Minister Thomas, there is nothing unusual about the prorogation of Parliament by his administration, which is preparing for the upcoming general elections.

“…”In due time the Parliament will be reopened, there’s nothing to be worried about”, he remarked.

The Grenadian Leader assured the nation that he will not do anything out of normal practice and that the rights of the people are being protected.

As the country prepares for the 2013 constitutionally due General Elections, PM Thomas noted that Parliament could be prorogued anytime.

“We are in election mode … Parliament could be dissolved tomorrow and a date set for elections … that is part of the system under which we operate”, he said.

“I mean Parliament may be prorogued for a longer time but that is nothing out of the normal course of things”, he added.

The Prime Minister requested Governor-General, Sir Carlyle Glean on September 17 to prorogue Parliament bringing an end to the 4th Session of the 8th Parliament.

A date for the commencement of the 5th Session of the 8th Parliament is still to be announced, at which time the traditional Throne Speech is expected to be delivered by the Governor-General.

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