Mayhem at St. George’s Cemetery

At a time when people were paying respects to their departed loved ones last week Thursday by placing candles on the graves, mayhem broke out at one of the cemeteries in St. George’s.

THE NEW TODAY Newspaper learnt that while people were going about their business at the Wilberforce Cemetery, a group of young men who were armed with cutlasses were in pursuit of people at the cemetery.

A source said a 17-year old member of the group proceeded to attack a plain clothes Police Corporal inside the cemetery.

The source who spoke on condition of not being named said the teenager who resides at Willis, St. George’s was in the process of launching an attack on the police officer who is attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

According to the source, although the Police Corporal identified himself to the youngster, the alleged attacker continued advancing towards the policeman with the cutlass in a raised position.
In defense, the CID Officer allegedly drew his service revolver and fired a warning shot at the 17-year old.

The Corporal moved in and took the youngster into custody. The youngman has since been charged with the offenses of possession of an offensive weapon, and assault with a dangerous instrument.

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